The ComVort Group
We are a member of the ComVort Group.

The ComVort Group is the largest independent agency network in the world. Its members are all independent, entrepreneurial agencies, each one managed by its owner and active in every sector of integrated marketing communications. 133 agencies belong to the ComVort Group and these are spread over 123 cities, with business being conducted in 31 different languages.

This is not your run-of-the-mill ‘giant’ agency with a host of branches worldwide that pass your account down to the juniors in the office. ComVort is made up of owner-managed, autonomous agencies - a totally different concept which guarantees the commitment of key principals and top creative staff in any member agency to any project you care to submit, regardless of size.

The members of the ComVort Group are completely independent and will remain so, connecting up with other ComVort agencies only when necessary. There is no such thing as a head office, no central decision-making authority, and thus no red tape to delay or block the flow of information.

Besides being able to identify and empathize with local conditions and attitudes, the separate members of the Comvort Group can provide you with state-of-the-art information on a particular country, its characteristics, the local market conditions and the competition as well as supplying invaluable insights into the mindset of the different target groups – and this applies worldwide.

Whereas other big international agencies have huge overheads to contend with, the ComVort model with its network of independent firms is able to offer an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Our bids and quotations offer value for money, yet you may rest assured that, in any of our agencies, you will still be dealing directly with the top management and that only our very best people will be working on your contract.