Every campaign and every budget have great potential. And we get the most out of it for you.
Let’s assume you feel that your campaign or what you have in mind for your advertising poses a tough challenge for any media agency. Along the lines of: “Very high expectations, budget on the tight side, target group hard to reach.” We can put your mind at rest. Every campaign (and, indeed, every budget) has something about it that catches the eye or ear and has audience reach. You just need to know how to get at it.

This is what we develop for you:

- Media strategies for consumer and B-2-B budgets
- Special concepts. This includes coverage tailored to specific areas of a city and much, much more, for example:
Branch offices and subsidiaries

This is what you get out of it:

- Perfect placement
- Reach selected core groups and mass target groups in the B-2-B and consumer sectors
- Media mix
- Efficiency in every respect

This goes without saying:

We are members of the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Medien-Analyse (AG.MA)” – the Media Analysis Work Group – and, for us, professional media services are a given. This also applies to accessing other current market media analyses or special reports by publishing houses.

These are the media we use:
No matter whether local, regional, national or international, we spread your name about by using:

- Print media
- Electronic media (TV, radio, cinema and the Internet)
- Billboard and outdoor advertising
- Special forms of advertising

This is what you also need to know:

When it comes to working with others, we are very flexible. As far as your own clientele are concerned, for instance, we can be on the scene as an independent media agency or present ourselves as your cooperation partner or quite simply be your media department.